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Get to know the projects that benefit children in situations of high vulnerability in specific countries.

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HELP Haiti 

Haiti is one of the lowest HDI countries in the world. What we need:

To pay for childcare and transportation of special foods to combat child malnutrition, especially in the mountains near the city of Pestel, to benefit 1589 children.

Cost of Haitian missionaries working in child rescue operations. 

We need your help!

HELP Cambodia 

Cambodia has a high rate of sex tourism. Poverty, lack of education, and the need for subsistence income have thrown children and young people into areas at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. In 2018, Nations Hep began an operation that needs funds for:

School funding for at-risk young Christians to enter or stay in the job market. We currently have 1 young girl in the program.
Part of the living expenses of missionaries living in the country.

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HELP Paraguay

Paraguay has pockets of poverty and many children, especially through violence and sexual abuse, have been forced to leave their families. Nations Help in 2018 will implement and support the following projects:

  1. Partially fund a house for abused and abandoned girls in the city of Pedro Ruan Caballeros.
  2. Initiate the relief of children and their families in the nurturing pillar, especially of children involved in a dump in Pedro Ruan Caballeros, that is, implementation of nutrition programs, Bible teaching, and educational costs for children and their families.
  3. Purchase land at the entrance of a dump in Pedro Ruan Caballeros to build a daycare center that will benefit approximately 200 working children in the region.

Plant a seed and help us implement and maintain these projects!

HELP Brazil

Brazil still has immense social challenges. Poverty, inefficient education, and the need for subsistence income have thrown children and youth into risk areas, especially in communities. Nations Hep has been supporting relief efforts in the Vila Alpes community in Belo Horizonte:

Funding actions within the nurturing pillar for children and their families, that is biblical teaching and nutrition actions for children and their families in the most vulnerable cases. The meetings are held every Saturday within the Corredores do Reino Association church.

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