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In 2007, Leonardo Paulino, the founder, during a course in the USA at the Haggai Institute, is taken by the strong feeling of compassion and hears the Holy Spirit say: “I called you to help my dying children in the nations.”

2008 e 2009

Creating the organization

In 2008 and 2009, the founder writes the vision and plans the creation of an organization directed to the aid of nations.


A call to Haiti

In obedience to a dream, Leonardo Paulino visits Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and faces a shocking post-earthquake scenario filled with highly vulnerable children. Moved by compassion, he begins relief operations for Haitian children, after meeting Ezechiel, a young man also dedicated to helping children. From there, a connection with the nation is established.


NH is legally created. Aid to Haitian children and a call to Mozambique.

The founder returns to Haiti and, in partnership with Arte Que Salva, a project that aims to give paintings painted by children to plastic artists to make their own interventions, in order to generate funds and to enable more investments in relief actions. With the amount collected, in a single exhibition held at Ponteio Lar Shopping in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, more than 100 children from the Delma 33 region and an orphanage in Port Prince were able to be kept within a structured program of aid in conjunction with Ezechiel for approximately 2 years.

The founder visits Mozambique, one of the poorest nations in the world, and is driven by God’s compassion to structure relief operations for the country’s children.


A deep connection to New Life 4 kids, in favor of children in Haiti.

A team of health professionals is mobilized by the founder to go to Haiti and take action on the living conditions of children. At the Corail orphanage, they meet Miriam, leader of a large American child welfare organization, New Life 4 Kids. The founder is invited to return and enter the mountains near the town of Pestel, located in the extreme west of the country. With the help of the Americans, he gets into the mountains and finds children dying of hunger and disease. He then decides to participate in the rescue of some of these children to the capital, Port-au-Prince. A deep connection begins with New Life 4 Kids, after returning with leaders and partners to carry out another rescue trip.

At the end of that year, in obedience to the dreams and directions of God, the founder visits and learns more about the children’s victims of exploitation in Cambodia. Moved by God’s compassion one more time, he receives the vision of rescuing and caring for children in this country.


Relief operations in Haiti are maintained under the leadership of the missionary Ezechiel.

A new partnership with Arte Que Salva raises funds for operations in Haiti, Brazil, and Mozambique. NH sends a team of professionals to Mozambique. A project called Casa Nutrir, which produces special foods to combat the malnutrition of children from 0 to 5 years old, is born inside the CECORE (Sports Center Corredores do Reino) in that country, in the city of Nampula. The project is executed by CECORE-Mozambique. Many children in the area are rescued and have cognitive impairment prevented. A benefit for a lifetime.


The vision of rescuing children within their families when possible is established.

The founder resides in Haiti for a period of time and concretizes a model of action based on the succor of high-risk children and their families through nutrition, education, housing, Bible training,  and social development programs. In the same period, in partnership with New Life 4 Kids, there is another rescue trip in Pestel and mapping for the rescue of children in unreached areas. Nations Help starts costing the care of rescued children within the New Life 4 Kids. A house is rented out to the missionary Ezechiel and his family. The organization then has a solid base in the country.

In addition to these actions in Haiti, contacts are deepened with Brazilian leaders with experience in fighting child exploitation in Cambodia. A phase of studies is initiated to enable more concrete actions in the future.


The rescue model is implemented.

NH consolidates relief operations involving children’s families with nutrition, housing, and education programs. There is also a growth in the number of children being cared for, especially in Haiti, in partnership with New Life 4 Kids, both in Port-au-Prince and in the countryside, in the villages near the city of Pestel.


Another front in Haiti is opened.

NH maintains the support of children involving their families in Haiti with nutrition, housing, and education programs, and also implements a music and language school. The fronts are maintained in partnership with the American organization New Life 4 Kids. We supported the sending of the missionary Marileide to reside in the capital, Port-au-Prince, with the objective of advancing the relief of children in Cité Soleil, one of the largest slum complexes in Latin America.


Haiti, Cambodia, and Paraguay

NH maintains the operations in Haiti, consolidating fronts in Cite Soleil and expanding the actions in Delma 33 with the rent of a new house to carry out the activities with the children. The partnership with the American organization New Life 4 Kids is maintained. The founder returns to Cambodia and a program of support for young Christian girls in areas at risk is started. In Paraguay, by invitation, NH visits a garbage dump, where children in a high poverty level need to work to survive, and makes important connections to open up future operations.


Haiti, Cambodia, Paraguay, and Cuba

NH maintains relief operations in Haiti, in the region of Delma 33, Cité Soleil, and on the fronts with the American partnership, New Life 4 Kids. Procedures for legal registration of NH in Haiti begin. The support program for one young girl in Cambodia is maintained, in order for her to return to school. We officially partner with the Actos de Justicia ministry in Paraguay, in support of children and adolescents in the Pedro Juan Caballero region, with operations in a garbage dump where children work, and open a house for the shelter of children that need to be removed from that environment. Leonardo Paulino visits for the first time the nation of Cuba.